I was born in Germany in 1988 and went to the Waldorf school at the lake Konstanz throughout my childhood and youth. It was there that I learned to express my self through art, shaping and creating with my hands.

Later i was travelling a few years to distant countries, researching and searching for something that would fulfill me. My path led me to work with Tibetan culture, touching Buddhism and finding meditation as an way of inner reflection and peace. I learned that wherever you go your home is within you.

In 2015 I studied Art Therapy and Fine Arts at the Alanus University in Bonn, Germany.

In 2018 I found the technique MANUVISION, which reveals itself to me as the union of inner work (on the level of emotions) with soul and body, always working on the whole concept of the human.

The energy that is released in this work, in the body work, fullfills me deeply and makes every encounter a gift.

I am qualified in the MANUVISION technique in Barcelona and Copenhagen since 2019.

I offer body therapy sessions as well as inner child sessions online and I run a weekly training group at the Nara Yoga centre in Granollers.


Annual overview:

Education to Body Therapist, and Trainer technic "Manu Vision" in Barcelona.
Erasmus Program, Universidad de Barcelona in "Belles Artes".
Professor of „printing graphic“ at University Bonn.
Studying of art- therapy and art- education at the Alanus University Of Arts And Social Sciences. Graduation: Bachelor of Arts 2017.
Assistant Director at Cirque De Loin . Assistant Director at Thalia Theater. Stage / costume design for Musical„West Side Story“ at Rudolf Steiner School.
Work at a Tibetean Book Bindary in California,USA. Travel in India and Nepal.
Subject-related entrace qualification.
Visit of Rudolf Steiner School Überlingen. Visit of joung art school Meersburg.
Born at lake konstanz