Do you miss anything in your life?

Would you like to feel complete?


Do you experience any pain or tension in your body?

Would you like to live with a feeling of freedom again?

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, nervousness or insomnia?

Is there anything else that you would like to clear out? Or would you simply like to give yourself the chance to connect with yourself again?

Everything we suffer from has its causes.

Blockages, stagnations and traumas take root  deep in us, from early childhood on and throughout our whole life. We learn to live with them and through them, but they keep on coming up, signaling us in different ways that they want to be seen, liberated and dissolved.

I invite you to come to a treatment where I help you to find your way home.

I invite you to discover these blockages and traumas and dissolve them with me. I will accompany you to discover your path to relaxation and to reconnect to your own energy.



Have you ever met your inner child? Are you even aware of her or him?

Are you familiar with her or his wounds and disappointments?

I will guide you to meet yourself in a key situation of your childhood to clear things out, to create understanding, reunification and heal traumatic situations.




I work with the MANUVISION technique as well as with depth psychology techniques such as the ‚inner child‘ and ‘inner constellation’ work, which allow you to explore the subconsciousness and the soul.

MANUVISION treatment is a physical treatment, which works at the same time on the emotions, mind and soul.

Through massage, acupressure, respiratory therapy, work on the meridians (energy flow), reflexology, trauma therapy and the liberation and correction of the articulations, one can rediscover a different and deeper sense of self, release tension and dissolve trauma.




Duration of a treatment: 1 to 1 1/2 hours

I currently offer:

-Full body treatments

-Exclusive inner child session in person.

-Exclusive inner child session by Skype (not for beginners).



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